The ALHP - the Association of Lightworkers and Holistic Practitioners - is an organisation that we have founded to give consumers and clients confidence in finding and connecting with professional and insured holistic and energy practitioners.

Students that have studied with the Asgard Academy are automatically eligible to join the ALHP (benefits of doing so as detailed below) if they wish. The ALHP is also open to students who have trained elsewhere. 

Practitioners registered under the ALHP will be able to display the logo on their website and branding - thus giving the client confidence that practitioner is fully trained and insured.

We cover a wide range of therapies, treatments and modalities. Please contact us for more information on the modalities and treatments that we cover under the scheme.

Please note that students who have not trained elsewhere will be asked for full details about their training and certification before being accepted into the assocation. At the present time, we are only offering membership to practitioners and not other training centres or providers.

Members of the ALHP can enjoy:

  • Their own personal profile page for their therapies, treatments and business
  • A listing on the 'Therapist Directory' page on the Asgard Academy (which can be updated as regularly as you like)
  • A printed certificate to display in their workspace
  • Use of the 'Approved Practitioner' button on their website, social media and branding
  • Early invitations to practitioner-only training and therapy days
  • Discounted Therapy Insurance through one of our affiliates

Membership to the ALHP, after acceptance, is £25 per year for Asgard Academy students and £40 per year for those who have trained elsewhere. Students who have trained in at least one modality or therapy with the Asgard Academy (Practitioner level qualifications only) are eligible for the discount on membership.

What makes the ALHP different?

Unlike the vast majority of membership schemes, we don't just accept anyone. Many organisations will give therapists an accreditation or membership just by them applying and paying their fee. Unfortunately, this leaves many unprofessional and under-qualified therapists and practitioners with the ability to present themselves as 'professional' and 'above board'. If you've trained with the Asgard Academy then we know the level of training that you have received - if you have trained elsewhere, then we are going to need to verify that the training that you have received meets the standards and requirements that we have put in place. You do not need to pay your membership fee until you have been accepted into the scheme.