About Us

The Asgard Academy was born in 2019 - after over 15 years of experience and teaching within the spiritual, holistic and wellbeing sector - with a need to combine a whole host of classes, courses and therapist training all under one roof.

Founded by Chris, the Asgard Academy exists as a community space for those who have an interest in a wide range of spiritual, holistic, wellbeing and natural subjects.

Since its opening, the Asgard Academy has gone from strength to strength with its student and community members gradually growing. 

We wanted to create a sanctuary for those who wish to learn and develop within this field - without is costing them the earth. Learning and training shouldn't have to take years and years and costs thousands of pounds. We firmly believe that a great foundation in a subject will give you plenty of opportunites to build on this wisdom through experience and hands on, practical learning.

We pride ourselves on the fact that our courses are all above board - accredited and insurable (where they need to be). And we've had to jump through hoops and spend alot of time going backwards and forwards with our accreditation board along with our insurance providers to ensure that our classes meet the standards that they set and require. Each individual class page will give you information on the courses exact qualification and certificates that it grants, once complete.

What else makes us different? We are hugely passionate about what we do and we absolutely promise you that we will not just churn out 'bulk courses' for the sake of it. The tutors here are actually practicing tutors - we teach what we know. And whats more, each of your lessons are marked by a real person. There is no automated scoring or marking when it comes to your work. Assessments are read, and feedback is given where appropriate.

In 2022 the Asgard Academy opened its doors for the first of its Scholarship Programmes. Giving anyone an opportunity to apply and be in with a chance of winning a sizeable 2 year scholarship with the Academy. And in that same year, we are now also branching out, opening up opportunities for other tutors to share their knowledge, passion and wisdom within their own subject fields!

Keep your eyes peeled on the Asgard Academy for many more exciting things coming in the future!

Want to know more? Why not head on over to our Tutors page to read more about those who actually write and mark the classes and assessments.