We have recently changed the main pages of our classes to give you and other students clearer details on whether our courses are insurable or not.

And no, not all of them are. Why? Because you do not need insurance to practice things such as Candle Magic or learning how to work with the cycles of the Moon.

But, where it matters, our courses ARE insurable. If a class is advertised as a practitioner class, then chances are it is insurable. For more information on which classes are and which aren't insurable, please browse through our selection of topics in the menu above and visit that specific classes home page. On there you will find details of whether the class is insurable or whether it just has an accreditation.

If you are looking to re-train and offer your new skills to the general public, then by law, you will need to have a form of indemnity insurance. The courses we offer are insured with both Towergate and Westminster Insurance.

If you are already a practising therapist and want to know if our courses are covered by your existing insurance provider, you will need to speak to them directly. They will ask you for details about the class, which you will be able to find on the specific classes home page. If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us and we will do whatever we can do help.

Certified?! Accredited? Insurable?! Confused?? Click here and let us help to break it down for you.