Aromatherapy Blending for Therapists

Aromatherapy is a complementary therapy, which is based on the use of essential oils to promote and maintain health and vitality. The concentrated essential oils are extracted from aromatic plants. Various parts of the plants, e.g. leaves, flowers, wood, seeds, roots or fruits, yield the essential oils. The oils are used in tiny amounts in massage, inhalations, aromatic baths, compresses, cosmetic preparations and many other specific applications. The oils are extremely concentrated and must be diluted before use, in most cases.

This class is designed to teach existing physical therapists how to blend their own massage blends to then use in treatments. Once completed, the class will allow you to create blends to use on your clients using only the 30 essential oils in this class. You will also not be able to create products to give your clients to take home and use - they are for use during your treatment only. If you would like to learn more about Aromatherapy, including the use of more oils and other methods of application, you may wish to look into our Aromatherapy Practitioner class.

Once completed, in order to receive your certificate which will then allow you to obtain insurance so that you can include using your own blended massage oils into your current physical therapy practices, you will need to submit a selection of case studies (30 case studies to be exact). These case studies will take the place of the final assessment.


Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Certified Diploma which is fully accredited with the IPHM and recognised for insurance purposes by Westminster and Towergate Insurance.

For those who wish to obtain insurance cover to practice their new skills on the public, after you have completed this course, we will give you details on how to go about obtaining insurance through our insurer to ensure you are fully covered.

For more information on our Certified Courses and Insurance Cover please click here.

Aromatherapy Blending for Therapists

Class Information

Study Time

- 30 Hours Study
(Not including case study time)

Certification Level

- Certified Diploma (Practitioner Level)

Face-to-Face Practical Session

- Not required for this class

Class Accreditations

- IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)

Class Insurance

- Towergate Insurance
- Westminster Holistic Insurance

Case Studies Needed

- 30 Case Studies
(30 individual case studies or 10 case studies with three treatments each)

As with many of our physical therapy classes, you must have first completed our Essential Anatomy and Physiology and Professional Holistic Practitioner Classes before taking this practitioner class.You will also need to have completed and be trained in a form of massage. Either Swedish or Holistic Massage.

Aromatherapy Blending for Therapists - Enrolment

Aromatherapy Blending for Therapists - from £195.00

Class Includes

All enrolment options include:

  • 7 Online Self Study Lessons
  • Printed Certificate (when you have successfully passed your class)
  • Online Live Chat Class Support
  • Lifetime access to this class, even once completed


Additional options and extras

  • Printed Workbook

Included Free Downloads

All class enrolments also include these free resources:

  • Client Consultation Form
  • Client Record Card
  • Case Study Consultation Form
  • Case Study Consultation Form - Tutor Copy
  • Student Lesson Record Card

Class materials & material checklist

  • Pen
  • Notebook or Journal
  • Aromatherapy Blending for Therapists Practitioner Pack (optional)
  • The Essential Oils, Absolutes and Carriers covered in the class

Aromatherapy Blending for Therapists Starter Pack includes:


Looking for materials, starter packs and printed class workbooks?

Aromatherapy Blending for Therapists

Lesson 1

What is Aromatherapy
History of Aromatherapy

Lesson 2

Methods of Extraction
Psychological Effects

Lesson 3

Carrier Oils
Carrier Oil Profiles

Lesson 4

Index of Essential Oils

Lesson 5

Entry and Elimination
Classification of Oils
Glossary of Terms

Lesson 6

Essential Oils in Pregnancy
Health and Safety

Lesson 7

Blending the Oils
Essential Oil Selection
Therapeutic Index

Final Assessment

Your final assessment to complete this class

Reading List


Class Resources

  • Client Consultation Form
  • Client Record Card
  • Case Study Consultation Form
  • Case Study Consultation Form - Tutor Copy
  • Student Lesson Record Card