Aromatherapy Practitioner

Our Aromatherapy Practitioner Class is idea for those who wish to study the therapeutic use of essential oils, absolutes and hydrosols. This class will take you on a journey of discovery as you learn about the historical origins of aromatherapy right through to the modern day application, research and science behind how and why this amazing holistic therapy works.

Not only will you learn about the fascinating world of aromatherapy, but you will also take an in-depth look at over 75 essential oils and absolutes, 20 carrier oils and 15 hydrosols. You will also find details and recipes on how to make a wide variety of aromatherapy based products for the mind, body, spirit and also for your home!

Once completed, in order to receive your certificate which will then allow you to obtain insurance so that you can practice your new therapy on the public, you will need to submit a selection of case studies (50 case studies to be exact). These case studies will take the place of the final assessment.

After you have completed this class, you will then be able to access our further 'advanced' aromatherapy class - details of which can be found on our Aromatherapy Classes page.

As a final thank you for completing this class, you will also be entitled to set up a Practitioner Account over on the Sons of Asgard website, which will then mean you will receive 10% discount all Aromatherapy Supplies - including essential oils, absolutes, carrier oils, hydrosols, base materials, pre-blends plus all the glass bottles, jars and blending equipment you will ever need!

Please note that this class will qualify you as an Aromatherapy Practitioner - NOT an Aromatherapy Massage Practitioner. You would need to undertake one of our Massage Courses in order to be able to create products to then apply directly to a client. This class teaches you how to create a huge variety of products that you can create after a consultation with your client, to which you can then give them directions on how to use them on themselves. If you already hold a massage qualification, then this class will allow you to add 'Aromatherapist' to your current insurance scheme. It is also worth noting that our insurance provider will only insure you for the oils and other materials that you have learnt to work with during this class. More oils can be studied in our advanced Aromatherapy Classes after completion of this class.


Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of completion which is fully accredited with the IPHM and recognised for insurance purposes by Westminster Insurance.

For those who wish to obtain insurance cover to practice their new skills on the public, after you have completed this course, we will give you details on how to go about obtaining insurance through our insurer to ensure you are fully covered.

For more information on our Certified Courses and Insurance Scheme please click here.

Aromatherapy Practitioner - Enrolment

Class Pre-Requisites

- Professional Holistic Practitioner Class
- Essential Anatomy & Physiology Class
As with all of our physical therapy classes, you must have first completed our Essential Anatomy and Physiology and Professional Holistic Practitioner Classes. If you have already completed these, you can select the 'Class Only' option upon enrolment. If you have not yet completed these, then you can enrol in them via our special 'Class Bundle' option which you will find on the enrolment page.

Aromatherapy Practitioner - from £395.00

Class Enrolment Bundles Available

  • Essential Anatomy and Physiology Class (Usually £40)
  • Professional Holistic Practitioner Class (Usually £15)
  • Aromatherapy Practitioner Class (Usually £395)

Total Bundle Price - £410 (Online study online) - Saving you £40

Class Includes

All enrolment options include:

  • 69 Online Self Study Lessons
  • Downloadable Glossary of Terms
  • 75 Downloadable Essential Oil Profiles
  • 75 Downloadable Essential Oil Flashcards
  • 20 Downloadable Carrier Oil Profiles
  • 20 Downloadable Carrier Oil Flashcards
  • 12 Downloadable Hydrosol Profiles
  • 12 Downloadable Hydrosol Flashcards
  • 75 Downloadable Recipe Cards
  • Downloadable Essential Oil Record Card Template
  • Downloadable Carrier Oil Record Card Template
  • Downloadable Sample Aromatherapy Consultation Form
  • Downloadable Aromatherapy Fragrance Wheel Poster
  • Downloadable Aromatherapy Emotional Wheel Poster
  • Online Live Chat Class Support
  • Lifetime access to this class, even once completed

Additional options and extras

  • Aromatherapy Practitioner Pack (see below for what materials this includes)
  • Printed Workbook

Class materials & material checklist

  • Glossary of Terms
  • 76 Essential Oil Profiles
  • 76 Essential Oil Flashcards
  • 20 Carrier Oil Profiles
  • 20 Carrier Oil Flashcards
  • 12 Hydrosol Profiles
  • 12 Hydrosol Flashcards
  • 75 Recipe Cards
  • Essential Oil Record Card Template
  • Carrier Oil Record Card Template
  • Sample Aromatherapy Consultation Form
  • Aromatherapy Fragrance Wheel Poster
  • Aromatherapy Emotional Wheel Poster

Aromatherapy Practitioner Pack includes:

  • Printed Workbooks

Aromatherapy Practitioner

Lesson 1

What is Aromatherapy?
A Holistic Approach
Evidence Based Results

Lesson 2

Oil Profile: Lavender
Oil Profile: Frankincense
Carrier Profile: Sweet Almond

Lesson 3

Herbalism Vs. Aromatherapy
How Aromatherapy Works
Cycle of Illness

Lesson 4

Oil Profile: Bergamot
Oil Profile: Tea Tree
Carrier Profile: Apricot Kernal

Lesson 5

The History of Aromatherapy
Masters of Perfumery
The Father of Medicine
Botany & Phamarcology

Lesson 6

Oil Profile: Clary Sage
Oil Profile: Black Pepper
Carrier Profile: Grapeseed

Lesson 7

Gladiators and Emperors
Anglo Saxon Remedies

Lesson 8

Oil Profile: Peppermint
Oil Profile: Ylang Ylang
Carrier Profile: Peach Kernal

Lesson 9

Medieval Apocalypse
Modern Aromatherapy

Lesson 10

Oil Profile: Geranium
Oil Profile: Myrrh
Carrier Profile: Evening Primrose

Lesson 11

100% Pure Vs Aromatherapy

Lesson 12

Oil Profile: Patchouli
Oil Profile: Eucalyptus
Carrier Profile: Coconut

Lesson 13

Caring for your Oils
The Basics
Carrier Oils

Lesson 14

Oil Profile: Jasmine
Oil Profile: Sweet Orange
Carrier Profile: Cherry Kernal

Lesson 15

Storage and Care
Chain Reactions
Shelf Life

Lesson 16

Oil Profile: Rose Otto
Oil Profile: Lime
Carrier Profile: Soya

Lesson 17

Essential Oils
The Science Bit
Health Benefits

Lesson 18

Oil Profile: Lemon
Oil Profile: Fennel
Carrier Profile: Sunflower

Lesson 19

Absolute Vs. Essential
Bad Press

Lesson 20

Oil Profile: Petitgrain
Oil Profile: Sandalwood
Carrier Profile: Rosehip

Lesson 21

Carrier Oils
Their Role
Extraction Methods
Choosing a Carrier

Lesson 22

Oil Profile: Bay
Oil Profile: Rosemary
Carrier Profile: Jojoba

Lesson 23

Ancient Aroma
Theraputic Uses

Lesson 24

Oil Profile: Benzoin
Oil Profile: Cedarwood
Carrier Profile: Olive

Lesson 25

Methods of Use
Blending and Dilution

Lesson 26

Oil Profile: Juniper
Oil Profile: Cypress
Carrier Profile: Safflower

Lesson 27

Harmonising Your Blend
Skin Patch Test

Lesson 28

Oil Profile: Cassia
Oil Profile: Spearmint
Carrier Profile: Lemon Seed

Lesson 29

Essential Oil Chemistry
Reporting and Testing
The Science

Lesson 30

Oil Profile: Vetiver
Oil Profile: Palmarosa
Carrier Profile: Argan

Lesson 31

The Chemical Families - Terpenes
The Chemical Families - Alcohols

Lesson 32

Oil Profile: Allspice
Oil Profile: Basil
Carrier Profile: Sesame

Lesson 33

The Chemical Families - Aldehydes
The Chemical Families - Phenols

Lesson 34

Oil Profile: Marjoram
Oil Profile: Rosewood
Carrier Profile: Flax

Lesson 35

The Chemical Families - Esters
The Chemical Families - Ketones

Lesson 36

Oil Profile: Rose Geranium
Oil Profile: Camphor
Carrier Profile: Hemp

Lesson 37

Lactones & Coumarins
Ethers and Oxides

Lesson 38

Oil Profile: Ginger
Oil Profile: Neroli
Carrier Profile: Pumpkin Seed

Lesson 39

Diluting Essential Oils
Aromatherapy for All Ages

Lesson 40

Oil Profile: Lemongrass
Oil Profile: Grapefruit
Carrier Profile: Avocado

Lesson 41

Children and Essential Oils
Pregnancy and Essential Oils

Lesson 42

Oil Profile: Nutmeg
Oil Profile: Cajaput
Hydrosol Profile: Chamomile
Hydrosol Profile: Melissa

Lesson 43

Abortifacient Essential Oils
Emmenagogue Essential Oils

Lesson 44

Oil Profile: Spikenard
Oil Profile: Niaouli
Hydrosol Profile: Geranium
Hydrosol Profile: Rosemary

Lesson 45

Cancer and Essential Oils

Lesson 46

Oil Profile: Chamomile
Oil Profile: Lemon Verbena
Oil Profile: Thyme
Hydrosol Profile: Lavender
Hydrosol Profile: Rose

Lesson 47

Cardiac Problems and Aromatherapy
Aromatherapy and the Elderly

Lesson 48

Oil Profile: Pine
Oil Profile: Sage
Hydrosol Profile: Tea Tree
Hydrosol Profile: Sage

Lesson 49

Epilepsy and Essential Oils
High Blood Pressure and Essential Oils
Essential Oils and Liver Toxicity

Lesson 50

Oil Profile: Melissa
Oil Profile: Cinnamon
Hydrosol Profile: Juniperberry
Hydrosol Profile: Peppermint

Lesson 51

Sensitive Skin and Essential Oils
Skin Irritation and Essential Oils

Lesson 52

Oil Profile: Caraway
Oil Profile: Aniseed
Hydrosol Profile: Orange Blossom
Hydrosol Profile: Lemon

Lesson 53

Sun Sensitivity and Essential Oils
Diabetes and Essential Oils
Medical Aromatherapy and Essential oils

Lesson 54

Oil Profile: Hyssop
Oil Profile: Citronella

Lesson 55

The Limbic System

Lesson 56

Oil Profile: Carrot Seed
Oil Profile: Coriander

Lesson 57

Mood Properties of Essential Oils

Lesson 58

Oil Profile: Helichrysum
Oil Profile: Clove

Lesson 59

Methods of Application

Lesson 60

Oil Profile: Lavandin
Oil Profile: Dill

Lesson 61

Oil Profile: Calamus Root
Oil Profile: Oregano

Lesson 62

Oil Profile: Yarrow
Oil Profile: Cardamom

Lesson 63

Oil Profile: Galbanum
Oil Profile: Mandarin

Lesson 64

Oil Profile: Myrtle
Oil Profile: Tangerine

Lesson 65

Oil Profile: Angelica
Oil Profile: Elemi

Lesson 66

Oil Profile: Cumin
Oil Profile: Tarragon

Lesson 67

Oil Profile: Tagetes
Oil Profile: Birch

Lesson 68

Aromatherapy Consultations

Lesson 69

Next Steps

Final Assessment

Your final assessment to complete this class.

Reading List

  • Essential Oil Safety: A Guide for Health Care Professionals - Robert Tisserand
  • Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy - Valerie Wormwood

Class Resources

  • Glossary of Terms
  • 75 Essential Oil Profiles
  • 75 Essential Oil Flashcards
  • 20 Carrier Oil Profiles
  • 20 Carrier Oil Flashcards
  • 12 Hydrosol Profiles
  • 12 Hydrosol Flashcards
  • 76 Recipe Cards
  • Essential Oil Record Card Template
  • Carrier Oil Record Card Template
  • Sample Aromatherapy Consultation Form
  • Aromatherapy Fragrance Wheel Poster
  • Aromatherapy Emotional Wheel Poster