Bespoke Training

Do you run a spa, therapy or wellness centre or are even just working solo? Would you like to be able to offer your clients something different and bespoke? We may have a solution for you.

With over 15 years experience within the wellbeing, spiritual and wellness sector we have a pretty good idea of what our clients like and what they don't. We'd love to pass that onto other therapists who are maybe new to the business or are simply just begin to explore other options open to them.

There are a few options that we have put together that may be of interest. Details of these are shown below.

Tailor Made Therapies

We will work with you to produce a therapy like no-other! With experience in over 40 different physical therapies and numerous energy treatments we can work with you to design a treatment that is bespoke for you and your clients.

The best part is, we will make sure it is fully accredited and insurable before you receive it so you won't have the hassle of doing this yourself.

Spa Treatments

We love natural wellbeing and bodycare and creating bespoke spa treatments and therapies is something that we love. Not every therapist will have access to spa equipment and so where possible, we will offer alternatives (or training on that equipment) and put together a nourishing, relaxing and complete spa package for you (and/or your staff) to offer to clients.

Therapy Packages

Are you already a therapist but don't seem to be building your clients? Do the therapies you offer look the same as those in the local area around you? Well, we can help you put together and design therapy packages that will help you make your clients want your number on speed-dial! We've already done this with therapist friends and they've been amazed at how tweaking and changing a few things, or combining them, has re-invigorated a quiet client list!

Bespoke Treatments & Products

In addition to creating you a bespoke tailer made therapy, we can also take this a step further by helping you to design and create the products to go with the specific tailor-made treatment. And to make things even easier, we go through the hassle of making sure the products are fully tested and certified for us - which means you can also then sell them to your clients after their treatment, adding a further stream of revenue into your income.


We are here to help you develop and grow your business. Whether its discussing colour schemes, product or therapy packages or ideas, website design and even advertising guidance - we're sure we can help.

For our consultation service we offer a reasonable hourly rate where we will do what we can to help you create the business and brand you want. For more information, please feel free to drop us a message using our Contact Form.