Whilst having an accreditation isn't a requirement to practice professionally, being part of a governing body or accredited board means that our classes and courses have been approved by an independant organisation that deem them of a necessary standard to meet their criteria. 

We are extremely pleased to say that our classes and courses have been accredited by two different governing bodies. Both the IPHM and the ICAHP. 

Basically what this means is that our classes and courses have been checked and their meet to and adhere to their standards of practice and teaching that they have set.

For more information on the difference between insurance and an accreditations please read this page here.

To see which classes are accredited by these bodies, please see each of the individual class pages - any accreditations and insurers are listed in the details towards the top of each page.

Please click on each image below to view the Asgard Academy profiles on each of the accreditors websites.