In-House Training

Do you work at, run or own a therapy centre, spiritual centre, wellness centre or spa? 

If you do and are looking to learn or develop a new skill or train your staff and team in a new modality, we can help!

We offer a service whereby your staff can complete their online theory modules using our online portal and we will then come to your establishment to teach the physical side of the training.

We can offer this for the majority of things that we offer on the Asgard Academy, and can also offer this service for our Bespoke and Tailor made packages too.

Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements and we will endeavour to work with on a training package.

In addition to training physical therapists, spa therapist and other wellness advocates, we can also teach a selection of our other classes such as those in the wellbeing, witchcraft, magic and divination categories. Again, please us the link above to get in touch if this is something that you are looking for.