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There are many spiritual, holistic, beauty and wellness centers across the country (and indeed the world!) who provide therapies and wellbeing treatments to the public. Many of which may have customers, or even other staff, who wish to learn more to either develop their existing skillset or perhaps learn something new.

This is where we can help.

By joining our Affiliate Scheme, you could earn commission when clients or staff sign up to learn with us. It's simple. All you do is advertise whichever classes or courses to them that you wish and give them a special code to input into a form when they enrol. Once a month, you will receive a statement via email with the details of any new sign-ups and any commission that you have earnt during that period.

If this is something that you are interested in and would like further details, please get in touch with us using the Contact Form.

Affiliate Scheme

Thank you for showing an interest in working with us at the Asgard Academy.

We’ve put together this introduction to hopefully answer any questions you may have. Please read through the information and let us know if this is something you’d like to be a part of. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

How Does It Work

Each centre, person or business under the scheme will have an affiliate code that will need to be given to their students upon enrolment with the Asgard Academy. Originally, if a student signs up for subsequent courses, it was down to the affiliate to make sure that their code is being used during the enrolment process so that we know to pay the affiliate the appropriate commission. This is now not the case. The student will only need to make sure they use the Affiliate Referral Code on their first class enrolment - all future classes enrolled in by that person, will automatically have commission paid to the original referrer / affiliate. We will be keeping an ongoing list of students - this is a manual process so please bear with us with this.


All commission payments are made between the 1st and the 3rd of each month at a rate of 20%. This rate is the same for all courses, workshops, classes and training across the board. The payment between the 1st and 3rd of the month will be for commission earned during the previous calendar month.

The 20% commission is calculated on the Online Class Study prices only. Affiliates do not receive commission on material packs, starter packs and printed workbooks as these are charged at cost to the student. Commission is payable on Online Class Bundle packages. For example, if someone chooses the Crystal Healing Package that contains 4-5 courses, the affiliate will receive commission based on the entire bundle (online class) price - just not the material costs if purchased.

Each month, if commission is payable, you will receive an email detailing the courses that have been purchased, and the amount you’ve earned. No customer details will be shown on these invoices due to Data Protection. All commission is payable via PayPal (friends and family) or bank transfer.

Please note that if a class is current on sale or has a discount offer on, the commission amount you will receive will be calculated based on the SALE price, not its original value.

Commission is only payable on funds that we have actually received. We do not currently offer any types of payment plans.


All courses, materials and downloads remain the property of Asgard Academy - you are free to advertise the courses as you wish, and whichever courses you wish, how you like. You do not need to mention Asgard Academy in any promotional material if you do not want to - but please make it clear to those wishing to enrol that all certificates, workbooks and assessments are conducted by the Asgard Academy. Any face to face training days will also be conducted by us. We can provide you with graphic banners, Instagram and Facebook banners and other Asgard Academy advertising material if you wish.

Some of our affiliates like to use the ‘Affiliate’ term, some say ‘we are working with the Asgard Academy’, others say ‘training provided by the Asgard Academy’. How you word it is up to you - just please bear in mind that the courses and content belong to us and will remain with us. Others in the past have tried to claim them as their own hence us taking precautions to stop this from happening as much as possible.

Missing Payments

If, for whatever reason, a student forgets to add your commission code to their enrolment, we will endeavour to try and work with you to sort out the commission payments. However, any commission will only be backdated three months. This should be plenty of time to have conversations with your students to potentially find out if they have enrolled. Again, we cannot give you a list of their details, but asking them to confirm with you of their enrolment is a great way of keeping a list for your own peace of mind. Of course, this won’t be possible with every student - but we will work with you where we can to sort this. Nothing is automated - everything is processed manually by us.


All of our courses, classes and workshops, we are pleased to announce, are now fully accredited with the IPHM (you can view their website to see your membership and listing). Your students can purchase membership through the IPHM (at a discount if they mention they’ve trained with the Asgard Academy). Please be aware that we only issue printed manuals / workbooks where purchased and no PDF manuals are sent. All class materials are online.


Practitioner courses, where appropriate, are insured by Towergate Insurance and also Westminster Insurance. Your students will be able to apply for insurance through either of these providers once successfully completing the class. If you student has an existing insurance policy, it is up to you and them to find out whether they will cover any courses before being undertaken.


We reserve the right to cancel anyone’s affiliate account with us at any time. Particularly if they are found to be claiming the classes as theirs. No further commission will be paid to those with cancelled accounts, regardless of whether their students sign up for further classes or not.

You may also choose to cancel your affiliate account with us at any time. Once cancelled, no further commission will be paid. Accounts cannot be re-activated. If you cancel your account, you will lose the students under your affiliate scheme and will have to begin your referrals again.

We reserve the right to refuse an Affiliate Account to any person, persons or establishment that we decide does not fit our Ethos or Professionalism or meet our standards of working. Should this be the case, the refusal of an affiliate account does not need to be explained to the applicant. Although we don’t think this would ever happen!

Final Note

Just to confirm, if a student signs up with a class with us, and they use your referrer code, you will receive a commission payment for that enrolment, plus any future enrolments into classes that the student makes.

If you have any further questions or queries, please drop us a message or an email.

If you have read, and agreed to the above, please sign the form below to confirm your account with the Asgard Academy.

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