Grading and Awards

Unlike many online training providers our classes and assessments are not 'automated'. They are marked and graded by real people (yes, real people!) and feedback always given in areas if any improvement can be made.

Once you have completed your course, you will be awared a pass mark. Our grading system is as follows:
High Distinction (HD): 95% - 100%
Distinction (DN): 85% - 94%
Credit (CR): 75% - 84%
Pass (PS): 65% - 74%

We have amended our certificates to give details of the pass mark. Should you fail the class, you will be given guidance on where you may have missed marks, and will be allowed to re-take the assessment at no extra cost. We believe that everyone, coached in the right way, can pass the courses - some people just learn differently so it's unfair to judge everyone by the same book.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to drop us a message using our Contact Form or the Live Chat app in the corner of the page.


You will have noticed that we offer two types of courses and classes. Our 'normal' classes and then our certified courses. The certified courses will, once complete, offer a Diploma certificate that you can then obtain insurance with in order to professionally practice your new skills on the public.

Our 'other' courses also award certificates but these are certificates of completion and are for your records. They will not count as 'certified' courses nor will you be able to obtain any form of insurance with them - they are purely as a record for you and as a momento of the course you have studied and completed.

Detailed below are the two certificates which are issued when the relevant courses have been completed.