Psychic Development Masterclass

We are all inherently born with psychic abilities, which are sometimes referred to as our 'Sixth Sense', however as we journey on our path throughout this lifetime, we lose those abilities - for a whole host of reasons. 

Have you ever thought about somebody at random and then they text or call you only moments after? Do you experience deja-vu alot? Do meet people for the first time and just get a 'sense' for who they are and their intentions?

Well, chances are you are probably tapping into your psychic senses - whether you believe you have them or not. In this information-packed Masterclass we take you through an extraordinary journey of development that doesn't just fire off practical exercises for you to do, but explains how and why they work and what we can do to nurture and develop these skills.

We also look at the difference between psychic energy, mediumship, channeling and trance - plus a few other 'spiritual' and energetic abilities. Even if you have some experience we're sure that everyone can learn something from this class.

The class includes practical work, in depth explanations and studies of various abilities, meditations, visualisations, group work, guidance or empaths, protection and more!

This class is currently with our accreditation board for their final approval. If you would like to be notified when enrolment is open for this class, simply complete the form and hit submit!

Psychic Development Masterclass - Pre-Enrolment
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Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Certificate which will allow you to incorporate your new found knowledge into your existing skill or therapy practice in a professional sense. This course is recognised for accredition purposes by the IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine).

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Psychic Development Masterclass - Enrolment

Class Pre-Requisites

There are no pre-requisites to be able to sign up for this class.

Psychic Development Masterclass - from £125.00

Class Includes

All enrolment options include:

  • 29 Online Self Study Lessons
  • Downloadable Pack of Zener Cards (Basic Set)
  • Downloadable Pack of Zenar Cards (Full Set)
  • Online Live Chat Class Support
  • Lifetime access to this class, even once completed

Class materials & material checklist

  • Pen
  • Notebook or Journal
  • Psychic Development Masterclass Pack (optional)
  • Zener Cards
  • A Clear Quartz Pendulum

  • Downloadable Pack of Zener Cards (Basic Set)
  • Downloadable Pack of Zenar Cards (Full Set)

Psychic Development Masterclass Pack includes:

  • Pen
  • Notebook / Journal
  • Full Set of Zener Cards

  • Printed Workbooks
  • Full Set of Zener Cards

Psychic Development Masterclass

Lesson 1

The Chakras
The Aura

Lesson 2

What does Psychic mean?
Psychic vs. Medium
Psychic History

Lesson 3

What is Intuition
Developing Intuition

Lesson 4

Intuition vs. Psychic
The Higher Self
Quieting the Mind

Lesson 5

Spirit Guides

Lesson 6

How to Meditate
Types of Meditation
Mediation Techniques

Lesson 7

Additional Mediation Techniques
Visualisation Exercise
Grounding and Balancing

Lesson 8

Psychic Development
Psychic Abilities
Zener Cards

Lesson 9

Remote Viewing
Early Impressions

Lesson 10


Lesson 11


Lesson 12

Discover your Gifts

Lesson 13


Lesson 14

Centering Regularly
Raising Awareness
Unconscious to Conscious

Lesson 15

Mediumship and Channeling
Trance Channeling
Automatic Writing

Lesson 16

Spiritual Channels
Spiritual Identity

Lesson 17

Channeling Readings
Intuitive Readings

Lesson 18


Lesson 19

Telepathy Exercises
Shield of Light

Lesson 20

Further Telepathy Exercises
The Plant Kingdom

Lesson 21

Harmony Meditation
The Medium
Telepathy Practice

Lesson 22


Lesson 23

Akashic Records
Importance of Intention

Lesson 24

Entering the Akashic Hall

Lesson 25

Psychic Exercises

Lesson 26

Psychic Self Defence
Psychic Attack
Self Protection Techniques

Lesson 27

Channeled Healing
Assessing or Scanning

Lesson 28

Aura Evaluation
Using a Pendulum

Lesson 29

Aura Work
Auric Energy
Aura Clearing

Final Assessment

Your final assessment to complete this class

Reading List


Class Resources

  • Downloadable Pack of Zener Cards (Basic Set)
  • Downloadable Pack of Zenar Cards (Full Set)