By The Magic of the Moon

For centuries, human-kind have looked up towards this celestial body with awe and mystery. Grandmother Moon, the symbolic presence of the Divine Feminine, has been worshipped and connected with in traditions throughout history and across the globe.

Those of us who are sensitive to energetic changes, both within ourselves and in the world arouond us, can tap into the various cycles of the Moon and channel this energy into our daily lives. Each of her phases brings about a different energy that once we connect with, will allow us to manifest the life we want around us under her guidance.

This class offers a first look at working with the energy of Grandmother Moon while providing an array of correspondences, scientific information and ritual spellwork that is suitable for anyone who follows a magic or Earth-based pathway.


Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of Completion which is fully accredited with the IPHM. For more information on our Certified Courses and Insurance Scheme please click here.

By The Magic of the Moon

Class Information

Study Time

- 20 Hours Study
(Including practical work)


- None

Certification Level

- Certificate of Completion

Face-to-Face Practical Session

- Not required for this class

Class Accreditations

- IPHM (International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine)

Class Insurance

- Not applicable to this class

Case Studies Needed

- Not required for this class

By The Magic of the Moon - Enrolment

By The Magic of the Moon - from £50.00

Class Includes

All enrolment options include:

  • 7 Online Self Study Lessons
  • Printed Certificate (when you have successfully passed your class)
  • Online Live Chat Class Support
  • Lifetime access to this class, even once completed


Additional options and extras

  • Printed Workbook
  • Printed Materials

Included Free Downloads

All class enrolments also include these free resources:

  • Current Year Lunar Calendar
  • Next Year Lunar Calendar
  • Lunar Journal Pages
  • 25-Card Luna Magic Oracle Deck
  • Lunar Phases Poster
  • 3 Lunar Rituals - for the Dark, New and Full Moon
  • Book of Shadows Page for the Dark Moon Ritual
  • Book of Shadows Page for the New Moon Ritual
  • Book of Shadows Page for the Full Moon Ritual

Class materials & material checklist

By The Magic of the Moon Starter Pack includes:

  • Pen
  • Notebook / Journal
  • Dark Moon Ritual Materials - 1 x Navy Blue Candle, 1 x Selenite Tumblestone, 1 x Black Obsidian Tumblestone, 1 x Jet Tumblestone, 5 x T-Light Candles, 1 x 250g Dead Sea Salt, 1 x 50g Dark Moon Herb Blend, 1 x Dark Moon Anointing Oil and 3 x Patchouli Incense Sticks
  • New Moon Ritual Materials - 1 x Sky Blue Candle, 1 x Empty Jar, 1 x Rainbow Moonstone Tumblestone, 10 x Strips of Light Blue Paper, 5 x T-Light Candles, 3 x Blue Lotus Incense Sticks
  • Full Moon Ritual Materials - 1 x White Organza Pouch, 1 x Square of White Paper, 1 x Milky Quartz Crystal, 1 x Sandalwood Amyris Oil, 1 x White Ribbon, 1 x 35g Full Moon Herb Blend and 3 x Agarwood Incense Sticks
  • Plus - 1 x White Sage Smudging Bundle and 1 x Palo Santo Wand 

Looking for materials, starter packs and printed class workbooks?

Introduction to Natural Witchcraft

Lesson 1

The Moon Throughout History
Sacred Moon
Changing Moon

Lesson 2

Lady Luna
Lunar Phases
4 or 5 Phases
8 Scientific Phases

Lesson 3

The Void of Course Moon
The Blue Moon
The Black Moon
Luna Magic Oracle Cards

Lesson 4

Spirituality and the Moon
The Moon Phases

Lesson 5

Drawing Down the Moon
Drawing Down the Moon Ritual
Traditional Full Moons

Lesson 6

Moon Magic
The Moon and the Zodiac
Lunar Zodiac Energies
Zodiac Luna Affirmations

Lesson 7

Lunar Journelling
Lunar Rituals
Herbs for Lunar Workings

Final Assessment

Your final assessment to complete this class

Reading List


Class Resources

  • The Magic of Colour Book of Shadows Pages
  • Magical Aromatherapy Book of Shadows Pages
  • Planetary Hours Book of Shadows Pages
  • Planetary Influences Book of Shadows Pages
  • Magical Days of the Week Book of Shadows Pages
  • Lunar Phases Poster
  • Elemental Quarters Poster
  • Wheel of the Year Poster
  • 3 Full Length Guided Audio Meditations