Pre-Requisite Classes

As you browse through the Asgard Academy, you will notice that some of our classes have 'Pre-Requisites' listed in the information section about that particular class.

We get asked alot, especially from practising therapists 'Do I need to complete the pre-requisites as I have already done them before?'. There is no easy answer to this question as this will entirely depend on the experience and previous training that you have undertaken.

We used to have a blanket rule where-by skipping the pre-requisites was reserved purely for students of the Asgard Academy, as a thank you for training with us, but, as practising therapists ourselves, we have lost count of the number of times we've had to complete the 'business studies' module of a massage class - the law, health and safety, GDPR etc.

So looking at things from this perspective, we wanted to make sure that other therapists we're having to repeat classes that they have already completed. Because of this, we changed our policy so that we will now take each request on a case by case basis. Even though if you went to train in say, an Amethyst Crystal Facial at another establishment and their course would cover A&P, Business Studies, Chakra Information, Crystal Information and the Facial Techniques (this is usually all in one cost, you cannot split the class) we wanted our potential students to be able to get straight into the bulk of the class without re-covering existing knowledge.

So, going foward, we are taking requests to bypass pre-requisite classes on a case by case basis. So, if you are looking at signing up to one of our classes and think you already meet the pre-requisites due to previous training, please feel free to drop us a message detailing your experience (we will ask to see certificates and details of the training providers) and we will have a look at these to see if they meet our standards.

Please note that there are some training providers that we absolutely do not recognise certificates from and so will not accept training completed with them as part of the pre-requisites needed.

Also, please do not be offended if we say you cannot bypass those classes - we want to make sure that our students are all trained to the same level and because of this, we may need you to complete our class to potentially fill in gaps in your knowledge or bring the knowledge up to the level required.